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posted in College, personal stuff on September 23rd, 2006

Human life, probably like all life on Earth, is tainted by decisions.

There are the important ones like the ones that influence your life, the semi-important ones and the unimportant ones. Naturally, everyone regards various decisions differently. What qualifies as a high priority item for one, is of no importance at all to another.

Right now, I’m facing quite a few important and semi-important issues and some input would be appreciated:

I’ve been offered a job from a person I’ve known for about a year now, while the agreement I signed prohibits me from going into specifics, I can at least tell that it is rather techy. It involves lots of coding, probably some out-sourcing and most certainly lots of learning. The company I’d be representing has a killer concept and from what I’ve heard it would most certainly be something I’d love to do. The question is, am I able to do it.

I know my own skills and I (think I) know what they want. Do I think that I have what it takes? No, not right now anyway. Maybe a few months from now, after I’ve gained enough knowledge, I’d be a more suitable candidate. Granted, they, too, know what my skills are and they still asked me, so probably they are more convinced of my skills than I am, which is nice. It’s still a decision I’ve got to make though. The salary would be great, but with great money comes great(er) responsibility. The only peeve, so to speak is that it’s really technical and my goal for the next three years was actually to further develop my artistic skills. Naturally, code (and thus coding too) is poetry and poetry is art, but it’s not really the kind of art I was thinking about.

As part of my interview with the company, I had to write up a dossier of technologies and solutions I’d recommend (and sometimes be able to implement) for the concept they’ve planned out. I think, I did a fairly thorough job, only including the stuff I considered essential and stripping away marketing spiel no one cares about anyway.

We’ll see how this pans out and if it remains a decision I have to make or if it will be made for me.

Another decision I’m facing right now is as to what I should further specialize in … the options I have are audio / video editing or 3D design. If I look at it from a possible income perspective, I’m quite certain that 3D design is the best choice of the three, however, being the math-tard I am, I might have to struggle too long with the tools needed to get the job done.

A/V editing on the other hand is something I’ve been interested for quite some time. I started a machinima movie in the summer which I’m editing, cutting, producing and it’s fun to work with the tools. You get instant results, it’s straight forward and interesting. It also links up nicely with the stuff I’ve been doing for Scott so far.

As should be obvious from the two last paragraphs, I’m kinda partial to A/V editing, not only because it’s something I’ve already done, but also because it’s something which I can translate into marketable skills in the near future. Yes, I’m like that - on the other hand, it’s also something I’d love to do in the future. Not full-time, but certainly every now and then, even if it’s just for homevideos that leave the viewers gaping…

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  1. Katie said, on September 23rd, 2006 at 5:02 pm

    Alright - so a/v not 3D. I’m quite positive absolutely anything you do you’ll be successful at seriously. Don’t mind the money differences - you’ll equal yourself out no matter what you’re doing. You’re a damn good business dude and furthermore you’ve got a lot of skills! I have absolute faith that you’ll end up a rich nice dude with a fabulous job.

    DO IT! :) i think…..