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posted in Guides on February 8th, 2007

FYI: If you’re living in the Netherlands, this post might be of some interest to you, if not, the following information has little value to you:

This is just a short post about some “tools” I’ve been using for quite some time now: MSN Chatbots that don’t care about mining social data from their users but rather provide them with a service.

Bot #1 is - a chatbot that provides Dutchies with information about movies that are currently running in theaters around the country.

The first step is to tell the bot where you are, then you select the number of the movie you’re planning to watch and you’ll get all the information you need:



Bot #2 is - this chatbot is powered by ABN AMRO and provides users with an update on their bank account’s balance.

This one is really simple, there’s only one step actually: say “Saldo 1234″, whereby you exchange 1234 for the last four digits of the account you’d like to check and you’ll get an update.



Hint: If you’re using a custom IM Client, like Trillian, you can turn off logging for this account to ensure your privacy.

Bot #3 is - this chatbot is actually available to everyone. Like the name says, this is the Encarta bot. Encarta is a digital encyclopedia, that rose to fame before Wikipedia was conceived but has lost quite some users in recent years. Nonetheless, this bot is very useful, even more so if you have Encarta installed locally:

This bot is the smartest one of all, it is able to do maths and answer simple questions and follow up with stuff. It also remembers if it spoke to you before and tries to emulate feelings, so be kind:



I’m quite certain that other countries have similar services available, good luck with finding them!