Waiting in line? No thank you

posted in Tech Talk on June 30th, 2007

So, while just about everyone out there seems to be waiting for Apple’s iPhone, I’m waiting for my very own O2 XDA Flame.

People with whom I discuss technology will know that I’ve beeb waiting for this device since it was first announced on Pocket PC Thoughts, back in November 2006. Initally, O2 planned to release the device in early spring, but delayed the launch till sometime in May.

After waiting for the first reports to come in, I finally decided to take the jump and replace my current mobile device of choice: iMate’s SP5.

It’s been more than two years since I last bought a Pocket PC and while my HTC Blueangel (Qtek 9090 in my case) still works fine, one has to spend some money on worthy upgrades every now and then. Gotta keep the inner-geek happy after all.

One might ask: what’s so special about this Pocket PC that I decided to get it? Well, for starters, there’s the 2gb of ROM, a lot more than any other Pocket PC on the market. Other features include nice things such as a dedicated graphics chip (nVidia, naturally), USB On The Go support, TV-Out and 802.11g WiFi. A more in-depth review of the hardware will be available here soon.

But, there’s a catch of course. The device is not yet available in Europe and chances are that it won’t be for another three to six months, so I had to order mine from an eTailer that, so far, does business the right way.

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