Fast Cities 2007

posted in Media on July 11th, 2007

In today’s highly linked world, one might say that the geographical location of a business does not matter anymore, after all, the Internet lets you work with anyone, anytime anywhere, right?. Wrong, businesses still depend on good locations and there are people out their that want you to help with finding the right one.

Fast Company, just published their 2007 listing of Fast Cities. The list is essentially a guide on great (perfect?) places to start your new business:

You’re smart, young, newly graduated from a university with the whole world before you. You could settle in a small town with well-tended lawns, pancake suppers, and life on a human scale. Or you could truck it to the big city, with all its din and dog-eat-dog lunacy. Your choice?

While the list in itself is pretty interesting and contains good advice on the various hot spots, I wonder why so few European cities and especially not one Dutch city made the cut.

Yes, there is a kind fright amongst European companies as far as innovation and great business ideas go, but still, we aren’t doing that bad, are we?

Microsoft choose to beta test their Live service in the Netherlands first. Why? Because we have the highest broadband penetration in the whole western world.

Whenever you check out new technology, there is some kind of Dutch influence. Be i that we helped produce the product, helped support it or just am the nation with the most users of said product.

We might not always come in first, but we surely are not the last ones to finish, so why are we not on the Fast City listing?