Bowling for Budapest (PDAmill Bowling for Burgers)

posted in Reviews on July 18th, 2007

While EA is gracing the world with (yet another) The Sims spin off, called “The Sims Bowling“, PDAmill just released a bowling simulation that actually sounds like fun.

Fast Food meets Physical Education

Most Pocket PC gamers know PDAmill from the Arvale franchise, a collection of amazingly funny RPGs. I have enjoyed PDAMill games in the past and naturally, I wanted to see if this title would manage to live up to my expectations too.

I have to admit up front that I am not much of a bowler. I know that the ball has to knock over the pins and that you are not supposed to throw the ball in a way that would make it jump lanes or even damage the lane, but apart from that, I never really got into the game.

Meet the competition

The Bowling for Burgers Tournament has been going for some time now and you’re in the final stage of the tournament. Three players left. The cool Slick Bacher, the lovely Maggie Monroe and the no-nonsense Mr. Cube. All three of them have different attributes; while one might have an incredible amount of luck (most probably, due to her looks), the others enjoy a high level of strength or accuracy.

Don’t mind your step

With normal bowling, you would get a foul if you were to step over the line, it would void any points you received for your delivery and you would be one step closer to losing. With Bowling for Burgers, you do not have to concern yourself with all these complicated things, you just have to play.

Rolling the ball is simple: pick a good starting position (hint: the center of the lane is a good start) and then swipe your stylus in the direction you want the ball to go. The stronger your swipe, the faster the ball will go.

You can further influence the way the ball interacts with the pins by adjusting the weight or by hitting (or avoiding) one of the extras:

Since this competition is heavily sponsored by burger joints, you will occasionally find yourself in a situation where a strange object appears on your lane. It might be good, it might be bad, the only way to find out what kind of effect it has is to roll your ball over it.

Bowling for Burgers: one of the extras


The goal is simple: knock down as many pins as possible. If you manage to knock down all ten on your first roll, you hit a strike, if you manage to “clean up” with your second roll, its called a spare. The more pins you knock down, the higher your score will be after the last frame and who knows, you might even manage to hit a turkey.

Bowling for Burgers: Delivery


Blow or blowout?

If you are looking for a dead serious bowling simulation, Bowling for Burgers is not for you. This game is as funny as bowling can get without real people. There’s the entertaining 50’s music, beautifully drawn graphics and, in general a great user experience, because gamers do not need to know anything about the game.

The game will set you back about $20 and will keep you entertained for many hours. Bowling for Burgers is one of those titles that you can keep playing no matter what. It does not start to annoy you after a few rounds and has a high replayability factor.

A trial version is available at PDAmill’s site, so I suggest you check out the game for yourself.

A big thank you goes out to Nate Nelson for providing me with all those fancy bowling terms and explaining the basic rules of the game to me.