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posted in Media on July 31st, 2007

For about a month now, my favourite lifestyle / tech / design magazine, BRIGHT, has been releasing episodes of what they call A not-so-revolutionary form of media distribution, but nonetheless, one that is important to me.

Today’s episode of featured the soon to be open for the public Qbic Hotel, a low-cost, medium-high-quality hotel that is completely automated: At Qbic Hotel, you do not have to wait in line for a slow receptionist to book you into the system and you do not have to put up with, sometimes, annoying room service guys.

Granted, some people value great service and to be honest, I do not mind staying in hotels that cater for your every wish, but if you are just staying in the city for a night and want to get some sleep and not be hassled by anyone, Qbic might be interesting to you.

With rooms ranging from roughly $50 to roughly $190, the rooms are cheap, for Amsterdam’ish standards anyway. Designed by a professional and accomplished designer, the rooms look very inviting and have just enough to keep you happy for the time you spend there.

I’d definitely stay at Qbic if the need arises, but you should be your own judge.

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