Three great songs you should listen to

posted in Media on August 12th, 2007

Every once in a while, I come across a great song that just kicks in the way many songs do not.

First up is These Arms from Matt Costa. I heard this song in the second season finale from The Unit, a TV show that combines drama and action the right way, even better than JAG managed to do.

The song stuck with me, mostly because of the scenes that it was used in during the season finale, and if you have seen it and look at the lyrics, you will know why.

The song is available on YouTube with great audio quality. Disregard the video though, since that is not part of Costa’s masterpiece but rather a collection of clips from Veronica Mars.

Second spot goes to Mo’Jones’ Runnin’ Blind for you. Although the musical style is different to many of the other artists I enjoy, this easy going song really makes me smile. Not just because of the story that is told, but also because the whole idea of the song is so true for many people; we often let good chances pass by without making a (our) move.

Lyrics are available at the official site and the original clip is up on YouTube, go watch.

Finally, there ain’t no reason you should be missing out on a song from Brett Dennen, called Ain’t No Reason (yes, yes, cheap pun, I know).

Like These Arms, I first discovered this song in an episode of The Unit, again, with a very fitting scene. It appears that Dennen also saw some airplay in Grey’s Anatomy, which makes him even cooler.

Again, a deep and meaningful song with very interesting lyrics. I found a good quality version of the song on YouTube and while the clip links up with the military theme of The Unit it is not related to the TV show.