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posted in Rants on August 17th, 2007

After writing my last two reviews on both Spb Phone Suite and Spb Mobile Shell, I came to the conclusion that Spb really needs to do one thing: mash up.

As a mobile power user, you most certainly have at least one, if not multiple Spb products installed on your device. While there is no problem at all with that, Spb would be well advised to just create one application that contains all the features people need, namely:

from Spb Pocket Plus:

  • Explorer: ZIP Support
  • Explorer: Properties
  • Pocket IE: save image
  • enhanced close button
  • useful shortcuts on Today screen

from Spb Mobile Shell:

  • big icons menu
  • World Time
  • Now Screen

from Spb Phone Suite:

  • (automatic) Profiles w/ Wireless Settings
  • Call Filtering

That is all there is to it. Put all those things into one application and you will have a(nother) bestseller. The codebase is there already and while I am no developer myself, I do not believe this would take that long to implement.

Yes, Spb released their Communication Pack, but that still is not what I am looking for. The communication pack, while offering two out of three of the applications that this mash up would require, is really only a software bundle, not one, single application.

So, Spb, how long until you release this application?

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  1. Victoria said, on August 23rd, 2007 at 5:20 pm


    thank you for your professional review of Spb products and our latest developments! A special thanks for your input on the “Spb dream product”, we will keep working in that direction, combining the best features of all in one.

    In the time being we have released another pack, a business pack this time, more info on it here: