Pest Infestation (PDAmill Maggot Attack)

posted in Reviews on September 2nd, 2007

More than 130 years ago, a revolution occurred: The first Pinball machine was released to the public. It would take another half century before these machines would turn into a commercial success, but once they hit - they hit hard.

These days, there are only a handful pinball table manufacturers left, some reports even say that there really is just one company still in the business of providing the populace with this kind of entertainment.

Anno 2007, people do not seem to have lost interest in those games, but finding good ones gets harder and harder - sure, you could use the Pinball Locator to find one and waste your money on that, or … you could read this review about Maggot Attack, a pinball simulation from PDAmill.

Good ol’ Times

When you first start Maggot Attack, you will most probably feel like you are going to play a Starship Troopers branded pinball game: the splash screen shows a huge, definitely dead, maggot and a soldier with a high powered rifle.

The main menu itself looks like one of those old dot matrix displays and gives you access to the various options of the game, such as a high score listing, a basic explanation on how to play the game and a button mapping feature.

The mapping feature actually deserves a short mentioning: I tried the game both on my HTC Blueangel (slide-out keyboard) and on my O2 XDA Flame. While I could map just about any key on the Blueangel’s keyboard / button array, I find that on the Flame, I can only map the D-pad and the camera / connection manager buttons.

Technically speaking, you can still use a stylus to activate the flippers and that way, it is actually a tad faster, but I still would not mind being able to use all the buttons.


Very much like Bowling for Burgers, the story in this game serves purely as a theme and even though there are a couple of missions that are related to the name, the main objective is to have a lot of fun.

Maggot Attack features one mode and a number of special areas that let you rack up your score.

Maggot Attack


For example, the eggs at the top center of the playfield are the entry to a high-speed egg destroying mission, which can get you anywhere from 50k to 250k points. Whereas the area that is located top left of the field will, most certainly, give you bonuses in the millions - the only thing is that actually getting there requires an amount of skill I do not have (yet).

The better you are, the more sophisticated your weapon (located dead center) will get and the more sophisticated it gets, the more special missions you get. You can see my attempt at upgrading if you compare the previous screenshot to this one:

Maggot Attack



Maggot Attack is retro-gaming at its best. With no learning curve at all and a number of nice little extras, this game is a real no-brainer.

Not only because you can get it at a very affordable $15, but also because Maggot Attack requires little to no mental effort to fully enjoy it and makes for a great filler for those short down-times when you have to wait somewhere.

I hope that, in the future, PDAmill will release more pinball games and my guess is that, if they do, these games will feature space themes (Anthelion, Flux) as well as a medieval setting as can be seen in the Arvale Franchise.