Ghosts from the past

posted in College on September 6th, 2007

I went on a little road trip today (well, train trip really) to our capital to deliver a very special package to some people I know and when I came back, I met an old teacher / mentor from my high school and we got into a talk about the past, the present and the future.

Occasionally, it can be really interesting to meet people from the past, especially if those people expressed their doubts (albeit in a very subtle way) about your future before… this time around however, the cards were stacked in my favor.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not cranky or mad or anything about the behavior of (most of) my former high school teachers, but I find the way the situation has changed kind of amusing.

When I left high school, I set out into an uncertain future, or that’s what most of my teachers (wanted to?) believe(ed).

I was never really the poster student, nor did I try to be. I have this knack when it comes to learning: I generally only devote my attention to the things that really bother me and my old teacher confirmed that today, stating that I was “hard to reach” sometimes and teachers had a hard time “getting through to me”.

Funnily enough, the day I started my college career, all those things seemed to have vanished. So far, I have had more than 70 different classes and to be honest, I found something that interested me in every single one of them.

Yes, some classes managed to pique my interest a lot more than others, but all in all, I did not have but one subject with which I was unhappy with.

In the end, this probably comes down to the fact that I made a great decision when it comes to college and had the luck of finding a place that teaches just about everything that I am interested in, but still, it is funny how things work out sometimes…