posted in Events on September 25th, 2007

Once again, Mediamatic and a huge number of partners are holding a “festival for geeks, marketeers, bloggers, web 2.0 aficionados and the likes” - yes, PICNIC’07 has officially started.

PICNIC’06 was great and everyone who went there loved every single minute of it so it only makes sense that many of last year’s visitors will be taking part again this year.

PICNIC’07 features great speakers, great opportunities for networking and, certainly, great experiences and while I would love to attend the whole week, including the most awesome Red Bull Soundclash, I still have to go to college every now and then, so I decided to only attend one, event:

The European Bloggers Conference - a session that will focus on topics such as how and when citizen journalism works and how one can build successful web 2.0 applications. Apart from interesting information, this unconference will definitely spark some interesting discussions and I am hoping to gain some new insight into the workings of the blogosphere.

So, uncork your brain and if you are in the city, stop by the Westergasfabriek for some cross media-enlightenment.

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