TV Season 2007 / 2008

posted in Media on September 25th, 2007

The summer is (finally) coming to an end and the only show worth watching during the summer break, Eureka only has another two episodes left before it, too, goes on hiatus (with no word on a possible third season yet).

Fret not though, for all is not lost: the third (and fourth) week of September generally marks the beginning of the Fall season for TV shows and therefore also means that a number of great series will either start or continue.

Last year around, I only really discussed one show, Jericho, which, incidentally will return for a second season, sometime mid-season - which can be anywhere from November to March.

Jericho was first canceled and then renewed only a couple of days later, thanks to the doing of many, many fans that kept sending nuts (an insider reference to the last episode) to CBS, Jericho’s home.

If you have never seen Jericho, I suggest you either try to catch the re-runs, or grab yourself the DVD; in any case, you will not regret me exposing (yes, another insider reference) you to this stuff.

Secret Wars around the globe

Last May, The Unit, another CBS hit show, concluded with a breathtaking finale that left more than a handful of questions open. Tonight, September 25th, the third season’s premiere will start answering a couple of these questions.

The best way I can classify The Unit is by calling it a military-social-drama, which means that there is a lot of shooting, some killing, a couple of nice explosions, a great song and of course the really dangerous things, these elite soldiers face: the home-front which consist of adultery, lies and other niceties.

Save the cheerleader … then what?

NBC’s Heroes was one of the most successful series last year, with an approximate 14 million viewers during the premiere as well as a place in the “Top 10 TV Shows of 2006″ ballot from the American Film Institute.

The second season kicked off yesterday and continues where the first season left off - in feudal Japan and although I could give you a synopsis of the first episode, it is best not to spoil anything. Heroes, simply is too great a work of (modern day filming) art to not experience it on your own time.

On a related note: close to the end of the 2007 / 2008 season, Heroes: Origins will premiere, which will feature six episodes, with one new hero in every episode, at the end of the mini-series, viewers will get to vote which will be allowed to return in a third season.

From Stargate to Atlantis

On September 28th, this Friday, the SciFi channel will premiere the fourth season of Stargate: Atlantis and for the first time, this will be the only Stargate franchise that will kick-off at that day.

Season 10 of Stargate was concluded last May, after more than 200 episodes, which, incidentally, made it the longest running science fiction show, just a few episodes ahead of The X - Files.

The new season will bring a number of changes, such as one of the main characters from Atlantis giving up her job and another main character from Stargate: SG1 taking up her place. Apart from that, the fourth season will also feature the return of crowd-favorite Dr. Beckett, who passed away in the latter half of the third season.

The great thing with scifi is that you can, one way or another, revive people and while there were no plans to bring back Beckett at first, fans of the show around the world united in order to bring back the heart of Atlantis.

Interns and Relationships

Apart from Stargate: Atlantis, Grey’s Anatomy will also start it’s fourth season this Thursday, September 28th, which, too, will answer a great number of open questions on the status of the various relationships between, among and across the various actors.

One day prior, Grey’s Anatomy’s spin-off Private Practice will start its 13 episode season. The show will focus on the life of one Dr. Montgomery after she left Seattle Grace Hospital and heads down to the Los Angeles area in order to, well, join a private practice.

Shanks and Shackles

While not as good as all-time favorite prison show Oz in my opinion, Fox’ Prison Break just kicked off its third season a week ago and once again tells the story of two brothers who “got each others backs in times of need”.

While the first two season took place mostly in the North American part of this world, the third season features a plot in Panama with a selection of new threats, new fish and questionable alliances.

The (silent) clock

Much later this season, January 13th, 2008 to be precise - everyone’s favorite counter-terrorist Jack Bauer will return for season 7 of 24. Contrary, however, to the previous six season, Bauer will not be the same “guy” anymore; Season 7 will be very different to what we have grown accustomed too and will feature a much darker plot.

It is expected that season 7 will introduce a (number of) plot(s) that will be concluded during the eight season, which is as far as Fox went with pre-ordering new episodes.

3, 2, 1 … cut!

All the above shows have been hand-picked by me, they represent my personal taste and my personal taste only. The shows range from drama to action to thrillers to science fiction and the only thing they really do have in common is that they all provide a great source of entertainment.

Not all of the above mentioned shows are safe for young children, so make sure you know what your kids are watching.


For those that are curious, The Unit’s new theme song is called Walk the Fire, by Robert Duncan, the guy who also made the theme for the first two seasons. Both tracks are available for listening at Robert Duncan’s MySpace page.


I just came across this bit on the premier Eureka fansite that states:

SCI FI Channel has greenlit production on a third season of its most-watched Original Series Eureka, ordering 13 new hours of the dramedy.

So, come summer 2008, Eureka will be returning for a third season, yay for that.