European Bloggers Conference - conclusions

posted in Events on October 2nd, 2007

Someone just asked me what the best thing about the whole (un)conference was and while this is a tough choice to make, I would most probably have to say: equality.

No matter if you were a student, like Anne, Rina or me, a Web 2.0 business owner from Uzbekistan, like Serhiy, an A-List Blogger like Luca or a journalist like Dorien, Paul or Nick - you were as important as the next person.

Background ceased to matter during any and all conversations and people just took you for what you were, no one showed any arrogance at all and in that kind of setting, conversations can keep going for hours - like they did with us.

Dear EJC Team, thank you very much for a great two-day conference. You did a fabulous job with speaker selection and, incidentally, managed to attract a great audience and I will certainly be back next year!

On a related note: the EJC team is finally starting to upload some of the video clips their Austro-American Team shot at the conference - the first part is available here - while all the interviews they did are available here.

And for those that are interested, my interview, on censorship, embargoes and politics can be viewed right here.