Intern Report #8 (Next!)

posted in Internships on April 18th, 2008

Just two weeks after Paaspop, the 2008 edition of The Next Web was planned to happen at the beautiful Westergasfabriek area in Amsterdam and once again (for the third time in a row), I decided to join this fest of innovation and, to quote another attendee:

this buffet filled with delicious brainfood

This time around however, I decided to make things a bit more interesting, for obvious personal reasons.

As concluded before, working at XOLO has it’s perks, one of them being that we have a myriad cameras available for use, so I decided to assault the conference armed with a camera and a number of questions.

My hopes were that I would get at least two, maybe three interviews, at the end of the second day, I had a total of two hours of uncut footage. Even cut, I still had a good 90 minutes left, including high profile interviews with Robert Scoble and Jessica Mah as well as the, sometimes very controversial, views of a number of different attendees.

Day 1, for me, was mostly about interviewing companies and speakers, trying to get their views on how web 2.0 affected their lives in one way or another.

On Day 2, I focussed on capturing the views of females on web 2.0, because, after all, it is widely known that females tend to be more social beings than (most) males and as such, ought to have a different view on all things web.

The result is that I got some very good footage, with participation from people from, amongst others: VPRO, eBuddy and IENS.

As remarked during my live-blogging session, a camera is a powerful tool and if one asks the right questions (which I hopefully did), people are more than willing to share their stories, no matter if they are speaker or attendee.

Taping two hours of footage, obviously also requires a lot of editing, cutting and encoding but close to ten days after the conference, I was done with the better part of the clips.

Again, my thanks go out to for making it possible to use their equipment, it made the whole conference a much more enjoyable event.