European Bloggers Conference (Friday) - recap

posted in Events on October 2nd, 2007

After a short night’s sleep and still a bit groggy, most of us returned to the Friday sessions of the European Bloggers (un)conference which were kicked off with an Ideas Bazaar.

The stage was cleared and everyone interested was offered a chance to pitch his / her project or evangelize a service they believed in:

Luca Conti started out with his presentation of Buzz Paradise, a service that is not unlike to The site provides influencers and evangelists with access to (yet) unreleased technologies, media and the likes in return for coverage.

However, contrary to what other services do, members of Buzz Paradise are not getting paid (at least - not in a financial form) and are not forced to write in a positive way.

Serhiy Danylenko, co-founder of the Ukrainian news site, gave a short presentation on his project as well and was followed by Bektour Iskender, creator of news service KLOOP, more explanation on this service can be found on Wikipedia.

Paul Bradshaw of the Online Journalism Blog gave some insight into what it takes to be a Journalism student. actually invited attendees to share their experiences with blogging and citizen journalism so that Paul, in turn, could share them with a Western audience.

After the Idea Bazaar was concluded, Gabriel González gave an introduction on the subject of the International Weblog Awards, powered by the Deutsche Welle.

The awards are available in a number of different categories, such as Best Weblog, Best Podcast, Reporters without Borders, the Blogwurst Award as well as national awards for a number of different languages, all the while Vanessa Witkowski kept (live) blogging for, that is what I call motivation.

After a short break, the three groups from Thursday met up again to conclude the various tracks and more or less prepare some kind of presentation.

Our group, led by Luca Conti, was so lost in the application that, in the end, we had no time to create any slides at all, but thanks to Kathlyn, we still managed, and managed well enough. I was invited to join Luca during the presentation, which is an opportunity that I just could not resist.

All too soon, the first annual European Bloggers (un)conference ended and we all went our separate ways, which just happened to be a restaurant at the Westergasfabriek that provided ample opportunity to discuss anything from Web 2.0 to Identity 2.0 to the upcoming service.

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  1. Paul Bradshaw said, on October 2nd, 2007 at 9:49 am

    Thanks for the link, Kerim - was great to meet you - although I should correct you and say I didn’t talk about what it takes to be a journalism student! I invited attendees to send me their experiences of blogging/citizen journalism in their countries so I can bring them to a Western audience.

  2. Kerim Satirli said, on October 2nd, 2007 at 10:13 am

    Paul - you’re most welcome. You are actually correct, I noticed that you were talking about a related, but still different topic when I re-read my notes. The thing that stuck most with me was you mentioning the things a Journalism student has to do.