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posted in Marketing on October 3rd, 2006

If you know anything about marketing, you should be familiar with the term “multiplier”. No, I’m not talking about the factor that makes your marketing efforts more and more expensive based on the amount of users you want to reach but rather about a very special kind of evangelists - so called “multipliers”.

Every company has a different approach for this concept and the one that I liked the most recently was Nikon’s promotional campaign for the new D80.

If you decide to give your product to users and you go for the well-known crowd, like A-List bloggers or decision makers, you lose a lot of credibility, in my eyes. Nikon seems to agree - they gave their new digital SLR to a handful of the most active Flickr users and let them play around with it.

I really like the results. Good job Nikon!

Virtual hat tip to BlueAce.

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Two dot oh

posted in Blog on August 26th, 2006

In the IT world, people are accustomed to resets; if your Pocket PC doesn’t work anymore, you reset it; if your server doesn’t work anymore, you reset it and if your blog bores you, you kill all the content and thereby reset it.

Long story short - the old content is gone and new one will come. New content warrants a new face so without further ado, I give you “lifeofacoder 2.0″.

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