Intern Report #7 (Mudfootball)

posted in Internships on April 18th, 2008

Wow. Last time around, I thought that the break between two intern reports was too long, well, turns out that this one was even longer and the reason for that, just like last time, is that I am too busy to actually blog.

Shortly after the last posting, GabeMac and I went to Paaspop in Schijndel, as an attached asset for KINK, one of the better radio stations in the Netherlands.

Paaspop was held during the (Dutch) Easter weekend on the 22nd and 23rd of march and and was comrpised of a good selection of acts, such as Blof (yay!), Krezip, Racoon, Within Temptation (kick-butt pyrotechnics show) as well as Stevie Ann and others.

Working during a festival certainly has its perks, one of them being that you get to go just about everywhere, because of your backstage pass. And go everywhere we did. To quote GabeMac:

working at XOLO has it’s perks

And right he is. Having a beer with the artists from one group and talking about the newest CD with the singer/songwriter from another really makes work a lot more bearable.

All in all, a very fun-filled weekend, even though the whole area looked like a mud hole most of the time.

For a number of good pictures, I would suggest going to the album for day 1 or the album for day 2.

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Current styles of preference

posted in Media on January 7th, 2007

While just about everyone is writing about Google Reader’s new Trend feature, I’d much rather talk about another statistics page that has been available for quite some time now but hasn’t generated the same buzz:, a site that lets you track what you’re listening too (and has done so for close to three years for me now) has an interesting array of statistical reportings available to users.

While I did talk about my favourite music of 2006, and listed various artists, it would appear that I totally forgot the one group I’ve listened to most throughout 2006: The Oddities.

I was first introduced to The Oddities in May 2006, while reading up on some of the characters of Stargate: Atlantis. Turns out that one of the main actors from Season 1, Rainbow Sun Francks also produces a hip hop group and being the true fan that I am, I set out to discover their music.

Long story short, according to’s rolling year charts, I’ve listened to their track “Oddities” a staggering 306 times on my PC, probably another 50 times on my iPod.

Second in line was Bløf’s “De mooiste verliezers”, a beautiful, Dutch, track about (personal) change(s). Acid Food, from a band called Mogwai, concludes this top 3. Their track was featured on MadV’s Video “Goodbye” (in other news, MadV’s video “The Message” is simply amazing.)

Looking at my other charts, it’s quite interesting to see that I don’t have a particular preference for any one genre; I’ve listened to hip hop, rock, electric music, alternative, post-rock, instrumental and most of all indie stuff during the last years and I’m guessing that that will not change in the foreseeable future.

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