BRIGHTLive - recap

posted in Events on December 4th, 2006

Three days ago, I attended BRIGHTLive with some friends of mine and considering the price we paid, we certainly got our money’s worth. The whole venue was a lot more commercial than I’d have liked it to be, but that’s to be expected really. It’s the same for CeBIT and other, similar events.

I’ll cut the guys from BRIGHT some slack though, since this was the first incarnation and I’m quite certain that the next BRIGHTLives will be a lot bigger.

When I first read BRIGHT, at the Web 2.0 conference “The Next Web“, I was immediately sold. The content of this mag links up nicely with my topics of interest and it’s generally stuff that isn’t available 6 weeks up front via the internet (to be honest, it probably is, but I’m too lazy to spend time on looking for it).

So, back then, I signed up for a trial of three issues and read thru the day I received each one; I wanted to prolong my subscription, but decided to wait a little bit, till after BRIGHTLive, to see if they’d come up with a really good reason.

Turns out I don’t have to wait that long: I managed to talk Dion, a BRIGHTLive staffer, into handing me over one of the official BRIGHTLive tee’s for nada. In return, I signed up for another three issues of their mag. Quite the win-win situation for both of us, especially considering that the official price for those tees was EUR 25. Thanks Dion!

All in all, BRIGHTLive was certainly worth the time, especially if you consider that we got to see an improv-performance from BOOM Chicago new show “Me, MySpace and iPod”. I even managed to record one of their songs, albeit the visual result turned out quite bad. Turns out that BOOM Chicago isn’t for everyone. While I loved their show and couldn’t stop laughing, the other guys attending the show didn’t appreciate it as much.

Naturally, I’ve uploaded a “few” shots from BRIGHTLive to my gallery too. Enjoy.

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