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posted in Events on August 31st, 2007

Yesterday evening, the guys from The Next Web, Fleck, Wakoopa and Twones invited a select audience to in order to celebrate their recent successes with the respective companies and introduce a couple of new features.

Wakoopa launched a new design and Fleck showcased a couple of new features and the guys from Twones provided some interesting insight into their upcoming release.

Getting to know the right people is not impossible at such parties, but it certainly is harder if you do not own a company that is in the news every other day. Getting to know the people that matter is even harder, especially if you do not have some kind of (paper) business card.

While I do not like the idea of a (paper) business card on its own, simply for the fact that the information can not be updated easily nor can you decide who gets which information (it is: all or nothing), I do understand that even though it is called a Web 2.0 community, paper still sways its scepter over the way contact information is shared.

Since I do not own a fancy company or work for someone that plays in the Web 2.0 scene, I figure that there is little to no information I could put on a business card that would make it worth the paper.

Something I am happy with, however, is my LinkedIn profile, because it showcases some of the things I have done and I personally enjoy staying in contact with my contacts on a serious platform which just works a lot better for me than, say, Facebook.

With LinkedIn, if you want to connect with another person, you only really need two things: a name and an email address and that is exactly what I put on my hand-outs:

LinkedIn: Kerim Satirli


I do not have any stats yet, but I think the cards worked pretty well. Mostly because of their unusual format and because they are a no-nonsense way of communicating those bits of information that are important.

The product in itself, unfortunately, is no official LinkedIn item and not sanctioned by the powers that be, but I figure that this could be of interest to more people.

Naturally, “pimping” yourself is important, but one should never go to a party without bringing at least something, some kind of gift, for the host(s).

Truth be told, I had have a gift for the hosts, the only problem is that it was delivered today, on the day that was originally slated to happen and not yesterday, the revised date for the party.

That said, what do you give someone who has a beautiful wife partner and kids and more web properties than you can shake a stick at? Exactly, something he does not have and the answer to what it actually is will follow soon.

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Introductory Camp

posted in College on August 28th, 2007

The summer holidays are coming to an end, at last and that means that a whole bunch of young women and men will soon be joining the ranks of students in higher education in the Netherlands.

In order to kick-start the college experience for “our” new students, CMD Breda will be conducting a three-days-two-nights introductory camp in De Mussenberg, Loon op Zand, The Netherlands.

Naturally, yours truly will also be there, helping where help is needed and making the experience a most pleasurable one for our newbies.

One of my favourite indie-bands, Destine, will also be performing on stage, complemented by our Dean and a few other tutors - so this ought to be interesting.

And finally, Thursday night, I will be attending, just for the fun of it and hopefully manage to meet a few contacts of mine, too.

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