On ice cream cones and dog poop

posted in personal stuff on November 2nd, 2008

On October 25th, 2008, Gabriel McIntyre of Mobuzz fame and former colleague from my time at XOLO.TV, held a party to celebrate his 33rd birthday.

As always, the XOLO people prove that they all, are wells of information, wisdom and, most importantly, inspiration.

One of Gabe’s inspirational quotes got me thinking and I thought that it would be worth sharing with a bigger audience:

As you are walking through life, with a big ice cream cone in your hand; tasty chocolate, juicy strawberry or delicious mango - whatever your flavor is - you suddenly happen to step in dog poop.

So now you got dog poop on your shoe and you have a decision to make: you can either concentrate on the dog poop on your shoe and then, at the same time, have that beautiful ice cream melt all over your hand and simply see it disappear.

Or, you decide to screw the dog poop on your shoes, and keep on walking and enjoy your nice, tasty, juicy and delicious ice cream cone.

The morale of the story, should be quite obvious: life, at every turn, always presents you with two choices: either dog poop or ice cream cone.

Pick the right one.

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Intern Report #7 (Mudfootball)

posted in Internships on April 18th, 2008

Wow. Last time around, I thought that the break between two intern reports was too long, well, turns out that this one was even longer and the reason for that, just like last time, is that I am too busy to actually blog.

Shortly after the last posting, GabeMac and I went to Paaspop in Schijndel, as an attached asset for KINK, one of the better radio stations in the Netherlands.

Paaspop was held during the (Dutch) Easter weekend on the 22nd and 23rd of march and and was comrpised of a good selection of acts, such as Blof (yay!), Krezip, Racoon, Within Temptation (kick-butt pyrotechnics show) as well as Stevie Ann and others.

Working during a festival certainly has its perks, one of them being that you get to go just about everywhere, because of your backstage pass. And go everywhere we did. To quote GabeMac:

working at XOLO has it’s perks

And right he is. Having a beer with the artists from one group and talking about the newest CD with the singer/songwriter from another really makes work a lot more bearable.

All in all, a very fun-filled weekend, even though the whole area looked like a mud hole most of the time.

For a number of good pictures, I would suggest going to the album for day 1 or the album for day 2.

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