Zarafa 6.04 / 6.20 on CentOS 5.2 with Plesk 8.6 Set-up guide

posted in Guides on September 18th, 2008

Zarafa is a software package designed to allow you to share your email and calendars via Microsoft Outlook, your Windows Mobile (and Apple iPhone) device and also access your personal data right through your browser.

Although the official Zarafa page suggests that installing Zarafa is a piece of cake, I have found that said cake was a tad dry, hard to digest and generally: hard to get out of its packaging and it tooks us a number of tries to get Zarafa running with Plesk.

In order to keep others from pulling their hair out, getting mad at their servers, starting to doubt their technical skill and firing off angry emails and posting nasty threads in public forums, I decided to create this tutorial to help you install Zarafa 6.04 on a CentOS 5.2 server with Plesk 8.6.

Please note that the following steps worked for me and I was able to reproduce them on my home server and got the desired result. My main server runs CentOS 5.2 (32-bit version), with Plesk 8.6, Apache 2.2.3, PHP 5.2.6 and mySQL 5.0.58 and I have it set-up to use a dedicated IP for Zarafa Webaccess and also got myself a SSL certificate.

This tutorial assumes that you have a domain called where you are going to host Zarafa Webaccess and an email account at - both domains can be the same, this does not alter the tutorial in any way.

It is further assumed that you have set-up with a dedicated IP and SSL certificate inside Plesk.

Part 1 - preliminary work
Part 2 - installing the basics
Part 3 - setting up Zarafa
Part 4 - storing attachments outside the database
Part 5 - setting up SSL for Zarafa
Part 6 - getting WebAccess ready
Part 7 - getting WebAccess Classic, Mobile ready (optional)
Part 8 - getting Z-Push ready
Part 9 - getting iCal ready
Part 10 - updating Zarafa to the latest version
A Final Word
2008-09-18: updated guide to make it more readable and added pagination
2008-09-18: updated guide: “Part 10 - updating Zarafa to the latest version”
2008-09-19: updated guide: Attachments and Qmail


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