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posted in Media on July 10th, 2008

Witness Protection

A fresh start. Isn’t that what many people long for? Just being able to leave everything behind: enemies, ex-partners, problems and start out fresh: a new name, a new job, enough money to get by for the first few months.

The USA Network makes it all possible, with their new summer hit In Plain Sight.

In Plain Sight deals with the professional and personal life of Mary Shannon, a United States marshal who works in the Federal witness protection program. The mix includes a “dysfunctional” family, insanely loyal friends and funny assignments, with the occasional dilemma coming around roughly every episode.

On a side note: while going through my RSS feeds, I discovered this nice picture on Matthew Rosenberg’s blog and looking at how networks have treated good shows lately, I would actually be surprised if In Plain Sight ever made it to a third season.

Hidden Genius

United States marshal’s seem to be hotter than any other kind of law enforcement officers right now: once again, SciFi treats viewers to a new season of Eureka. This time around, however, the season is supposed to last a full twenty one episodes, courtesy of the 2007-2008 Writer’s Guild strike - guess that something good came of that after all.

Starting on July 29th, Jack Carter and friends return for another season of witty quotes, difficult relationships and a whole lot of I-want-that-too-gadgetry and of course: the never-ending quest to find the true purpose of The Artifact.

The other side of being a secret agent

James Bond has got it easy. He gets one mission every 18 to 24 months, then does his thing and gets out again, all accompanied by a plethora of gadgets, a stylish car and a few, good-looking women.

Michael Westen, main character of USA Network’s sophomore show Burn Notice leads quite a different life. Burned by his agency over a year ago, during the first season, Westen, tonight, returns to figure out who burned him and for what reason.

Season one focused on the actual burn notice, the mystery surrounding it and ways to get by when you get burned and Westen did everything from body guarding, to P.I. work, to stealing things and blackmailing criminals.

In the end, the season concluded by leaving many things open for interpretation, some of which will hopefully be answered in tonight’s premiere.

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