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posted in Events on April 18th, 2008

If there is one thing from the past year that keeps coming back, it is most probably PICNIC’07, the place where I met Marc, who then became my boss and mentor.

Apart from Marc, I also met a number of other, interesting people there, such as Luca Conti, Paul Bradshaw, the team from EJC and, last, but certainly not least: Dorien Aerts, who spearheaded the use of citizen journalism in a beautiful town called Hasselt.

Since first meeting her, it has been a joy to follow her journey and various projects and that is, how I discovered the mobile Webcamp, a barcamp’ish event that is to be held on Saturady, 26th of April at Kaai 16, which sounds very much like a Belgian version of my favorite hideout, Pakhuis de Zwijger.

The is, as the name suggests, a barcamp around the subset of web 2.0 that is commonly referred to as mobile 2.0 and guess what? I will be presenting there, on a topic of my own choosing.

A week or so ago, while reading through the(un)conference website, I toyed with the idea of, just for kicks, doing a presentation there, after all, that is one sure-fire way to get your name out there, the only problem was that I had no clue if I should actually be giving a presentation, considering that I am not (yet, anyway) an authority in any field.

However, as these things always tend to go, there is a point when you just gotta realize that sometimes, jumping into the cold water tends to be very rewarding (an attitude that was, in part, fed by my experiences at XOLO) and I signed up to present on the topic of social networking with mobile phones.

With PICNIC’07, Luca invited me, rather ad-hoc, to join him on-stage to talk about the divide between East and West and while I relished the opportunity, I actually considered my performance sub-par, mostly due to the fact that I was not able to prepare myself adequately.

With a week to go, I have a few good thoughts on what I am going to talk about and also started working on the technical side of things, such as arranging travel and a place to crash, but all in all, I am very much looking forward to sharing my views with a moderately sized audience, about 120 people, on social networking.

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