Amazon Kindle - is this the future of eBooks?

posted in Media on November 23rd, 2007

Back in August, I talked about a possible vision of the future of eBooks and this week, part of that future seemed to come true, thanks to the Kindle.

The Kindle is a wireless reading device that is built mainly as a product that can be used to generate additional revenue, rather than a product that can replace aging technology and that is where I stopped bothering.

Why would I want to pay for the chance of reading one of 250 top blogs on the Kindle if I can get the same, for free, on my much smaller, therefore much more portable and better looking Pocket PC?

Yes, you can read the New York Times (if you pay, of course) and a couple of other newspapers on it, but the same technology has been available before, it just was not as hyped as the Kindle is.

And yet, the Kindle has already sold out…