First Dutch Live Meeting

posted in Events on January 19th, 2008

After a rather mediocre conference day at Video Vortex, I finally got a shot at meeting some other Dutch’ers during the first (of hopefully many) Dutch Live Meeting.

Now, for those that do not know let me give you a quick overview: is a kind of social network that tracks what you are listening to. It is a great way of showing of your taste (or lack thereof), but also works nicely as a way to discover new music through friends and’s music matching features.

Set-up by Stephan and Walter, two other colleagues of mine, it is safe to say that, even though we were a tad on the light side as far as attendance goes, with ten of 70 members showing up, we all had a great time and we even have proof for it!

All in all, a great evening and definitely something I will be back for next time.

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