Intern Report #6 (Times Like These)

posted in Internships on March 22nd, 2008

If there is one thing that I hate, it is most probably getting up early. It is not like I can not get up early, it is just that I have a strong dislike against getting up early.

I am not lazy, but rather nocturnal and a big part of my creative cycle revolves around the late (and sometimes: early) hours of the day.

Some people have suggested that being nocturnal, as far as humans go, is a conditioned behavior and even though I partially agree, I do not care enough to actually change my set way of operating, not unless I absolutely have to.

Having to get up at 5 am (!) to prepare for a set-call at 7 am some 60 miles away from where you actually slept, in my book, qualifies as one of these situations where deviating from your normal way of doing things is acceptable.

Ten days ago, Wiendelt invited me to take part in a shoot for the CliniClowns’ show Neuzenroode, where I acted as the boom-mic operator.

Not even five days later, I got another chance at joining both Wiendelt and GabeB (our resident singer-songwriter) for a shoot comissioned by the NISB, and that is where the story began.

The shoot was split into two days, Monday was in Maassluis, Wednesday was in Zwolle, both locations being a fair distance from Amsterdam meant getting up early, very early, namely during a time when every sane person is actually sleeping.

Still, the morning started off nicely with a fairly sized bowl of cereals and the Foo Fighters’ Times Like These playing on the radio, I already knew that the day would turn out to be good, and it would. I am going to spare you the details, but shooting can be quite entertaining, especially if you have company that can make it worth your while.

Apart from having a great day, I also learned a valuable lesson: cables are never long enough for the task you need them, yet always long enough to get in the way, which can be quite annoying when you have someone moving around your boom-mic all the time and stepping on the cable (I figured out a simple way of solving the problem with the help of a keychain and some ducttape).

That’s it for this entry, the only thing left to say is: thanks Wiendelt and GabeB for inviting me and a very big thank you to GabeB for hooking me up with a place to crash, thereby actually making it possible for me to join the team during the shoot.

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