Superhero-style Texting (Trinket Software PowerSMS)

posted in Reviews on September 18th, 2008

The SMS capabilities of Windows Mobile devices have come a long way since first being introduced as part of the Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC Phone Edition, but power users like me find that a handful of nifty features are still missing.

Trinket Software’s first Windows Mobile application, PowerSMS, is bound to change this by giving you new tools to play with and making your life easier.

First impressions

When you first fire up PowerSMS, you will be greeted by its straight-to-the-point interface. You have exactly eight options (if you count the buttons) to choose from - and they are finger friendly!

PowerSMS start screen


I would like to believe that the options are sorted by usefulness, at least, I ended up texting myself more often (as a reminder) than scheduling a new message.

Post-It® - SMS style

PowerSMS includes a handy feature that lets you send yourself text messages with the tap of a button.

Especially for users with unlimited text messaging plans, this feature is a real godsend, allowing you to jot down your thoughts in the middle of the night,

For users with unlimited messaging packages, this is a real godsend, especially if you, like me, have the greatest ideas of the day in the middle of nowhere, with no WiFi or 3G available.

Advanced Herd Management

When you find yourself spending more and more time with your family, friends or colleagues and you want to inform them all at the same time that you wont be making it, you will love PowerSMS’ group SMS feature.

PowerSMS Group SMS


Start out by setting up your group: for example: your closest friends who you are planning to meet for a get-together on Friday, to discuss the recent wave of layoffs and how to combat unemployment amongst your group.

Then, after you have added their numbers, tap the group name and Pocket Outlook will open, with all the numbers already filled in, waiting for you to text away.

Text-based secretary

PowerSMS includes a feature that allows you to auto-reply to incoming calls with a text-message. You get to set-up who you want to reply to, how long you have to defuse the process and after that, your secretary takes over:

PowerSMS auto reply


Superhero Memory

Let’s go into Dr. Phil mode here for a minute and evaluate the one thing our significant others complain about the most: attention. Sure, you were texting her / him lovely messages in the beginning of your relationship all the time, but as weeks, months and years went by, you scaled back - life got in the way and all.

Now, with PowerSMS, you can fire up your relationship again and pre-schedule small bits of love to be sent to your partner on, seemingly, random dates.

PowerSMS scheduled message


Set-up a few messages when you have a minute or two to spare and reap your rewards as time comes. Effective? Most certainly and it could even be considered morally just if you subscribe to the ideology that Everything is Fair in Love and War.

PowerSMS scheduled message


You can, also, use this feature to remind your colleagues that a certain meeting up is coming up or to tell your secretary to get a bottle of that really good wine for the boss’ birthday - the possibilities are really endless.

Statistical Resources

If there is one thing that most power-users love, it must be statistics, outlining how efficiently they work. PowerSMS answers this craving by including a large number of easy-to-digest statistics, telling you who you message the most, when your peak hours are and the likes:

PowerSMS statistics


And to quote Jason Langridge:

These aren’t my SMS stats BTW as mine are scarily higher and I’m embarrassed to put them on my blog :)

Import / Export business

Last but not least, PowerSMS includes a backup feature, allowing you to import and export your messages to a proprietary format as well as a comma-separated values file, thereby enabling you to do myriad things with it.

PowerSMS backup


After you have completed your backup, you can import it on another device and either remove all current messages or combine them with the import and, best of all: PowerSMS offers you a possibility to instantly email the file to yourself, for safe keeping.

In closing:

At $9.95, PowerSMS is definitely worth it in the long run: True power-users will love the distribution lists as well as the scheduled messages feature and what’s more: you also get nifty statistics and the ability to export your messages to XML or CSV files (and possibly: import them again, on another device) or on Treasuremytext.

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