From the frontlines

posted in Projects on March 28th, 2008

Just about everyone and their sister have been using one micro blogging tool or another and even though I have accounts at Twitter, Jaiku and Pownce, I mostly find myself just reading other people’s tweets and pownces, rather than creating my own. The primary reason for that? Cost.

Twitter has local numbers for the US, UK, Canada and India, Jaiku has one for Sweden and Pownce does not have any number at all and while I could still use a UMTS connection to post updates, I find myself enjoying the service that Treasuremytext offers more and more every day.

Treasuremytext was first launched in August of 2005 by Katie Lips and Paul Stringer and has seen a continuous stream of improvements ever since, up to a point where the interface is as easy to use as it gets.

Ease of use is all I want(ed) for my micro blogging endeavour and as such, I figured that I should give Treasuremytext a go, so from now on, you will see (ir)regular updates at the top of the sidebar.

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