Head-to-Head review: Super Putt Xtreme versus Pocket Mini Golf 2

posted in Reviews on August 27th, 2007

We have all been there: Minigolf courses that looked great from the outside and plainly disappointed when you actually had to play on them. In the digital age, you do not have to put up with these things because you can just grab yourself a game of Minigolf for your Pocket PC.

In fact, there are so many different Minigolf games for Pocket PCs available, that I decided to do a head-to-head review of the two that impressed me the most: Super Putt Xtreme (SPX) and Pocket Mini Golf 2 (PMG2).

Tee off!

Minigolf is often called a lighthearted approach at the all-too-serious sport of Golf and both games seem to continue this idea in their respective visual style.

Both games are using what is referred to as an isometric perspective, which means that 3D objects are represented in a 2D manner. Technical terms aside, both developers did a great job at designing their respective titles.

PMG2’s setting looks clean and crisp, with the occasional comic’esque item such as a rattlesnake or a shark that swims on by, whereas SPX’ style is just plain cute. Huge heads and funny character animations make this game equally enjoyable to both minors and adults.

Golf Teams

Contrary to PMG2, SPX’s characters are just funny, while the various avatars in PMG2 each have a different strength or weakness and may be better suites for one course than another.

SPX tries to make up for that by providing the player with extras, such as sneak peaks at the balls trajectory or homing balls that magically move toward the hole once the ball stops.

While the extras are a nice addition, I find the character system to be more enjoyable, because choosing a character really impacts the way you score and may make or break your way towards a trophy.

Game Intermission

In order to showcase a scene from each game, I created two short clips that show you how the game looks like in full swing. If your PC has the Flash Player installed, just click on either of the following links and an inline window will show you the clip.

Super Putt Xtreme and Pocket Mini Golf 2


As you can see from the clips, both games utilize a very similar way of aiming your ball. The process is as simple as tapping and dragging your stylus to where the ball goes. Both titles allow you to adjust the strength of the swing to make the most of your points.

Once you made your first swing, your character is placed near the ball so you can continue the game. So as to not obstruct your view, SPX utilizes a semi-transparent character if you are aiming in a certain direction, PMG2 on the other hand, lets you rotate the whole view in four steps.

On Par

With games like these, it is always fun to see some data on how well (or bad) you perform. While SPX goes for the simple listing of points per level, PMG2 decided to make a statement:

The game includes a metrics feature that shows you the scores per player (character) per course per weather per difficulty and as if that was not enough to satisfy you, PMG2 also has an online leaderboard where you can submit your scores to see how good you are on a global scale.

Green Fee

Casual gamers looking for a fun mini golf experience with four different characters, 72 levels and a couple of extras can get their swing on for a mere $10 with SPX.

Twice that money will get you a highly customizable mini golf game with 60 levels, six characters, various weather conditions and an online leaderboard.

the verdict

It is said that there are only so many ways of realizing an idea and it holds true with both of these games. Both Super Putt Xtreme and Pocket Mini Golf 2 have a great selection of features but in the end, one has to carry and one has to roll

In this head-to-head review, Pocket Mini Golf 2 takes home the trophy because of the five expansion packs that give you access to a whole new set of levels that will increase the replayability factor by a lot.

For $35, you can get your hands on both the main game and three expansion packs, thereby, basically, getting one of the expansion packs for free.

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