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posted in personal stuff on July 21st, 2008

What do you do when you want to get back in shape but do feel like running in the local park, due to the boring scenery? Simple: you open up WalkJogRun and start planning your routes, then you convince your roomie to gear up and start doing so on a regular basis.

When I started jogging in Brooklyn, I managed to go for about a mile, before I was too exhausted to go on which is a true testament to the fact that I have not done any real exercise in a (too) long time.

WalkJogRun has been essential in making running / jogging a more fun experience, mostly because it tells you how far your route is, what kind of effect it will have on you and what’s more: the site makes it very easy to plan new route or alter existing once to better fit your profile if you want to increase the difficulty / length of a jog.


What do you do when you are pressed for time but still want to do a short workout every day? Simple: you start working out the Tabata way and utilize what little time you have in the best possible way. Tabata is a form of high intensity interval training that takes anywhere from four to sixteen (!) minutes for a full cycle.

The basic idea is that, when you give your body adequate time to recover (10 seconds each), you can do a number of evolutions (20 seconds each) at least eight times in a row (4 minutes in total) and depending on your stamina, continue the cycle for up to four times.

I have been doing Tabata for a couple of weeks now and I like the fact that you can basically do it whenever and wherever you are (at least in theory). I started out with ordinary push-ups, which takes its toll rather quickly but soon moved on to rope jumping to have at least some variety and finally added sit-ups to the package.

All in all, Tabata makes you feel great and helps you work out even when you are busy most of the time. It is also a very nice way to burn calories and get back in shape.

For those (like myself) that have trouble counting down the seconds while working out, here is an MP3 file that will take you through one evolution. Put it on your iPod, make a playlist with this track in there eight times and start your Tabata session!

Yes, I could not be arsed to create a really nice looking cover and went for the first image that I could find on iStockPhoto. The actual sound clips are CC-licensed files from SoundSnap.

taking the Scenic Route

What do you do on a Saturday evening when you do not feel like going out to get drunk or party all night long? Simple: you open up WalkJogRun and plan a route that (most certainly) less than 1% of all New Yorkers will ever walk, then you convince your other roomie to gear up and leave.

Three hours and eight minutes later, you finally arrive at your destination: a subway stop, 7 miles (11.3 km) from your starting point … and you are glad you finally get to sit down.

This is what Becca and me did yesterday, we started out in front of our apartment and walked the whole way from our place to the Williamsburg Bridge, then onto and across the Brooklyn Bridge. We started out at 11:30 pm on Saturday and reached our end point at 02:30 am on Sunday.

You can follow the route visually or have a stab at it yourself.

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