Postal Service in the US

posted in personal stuff on July 2nd, 2008

One thing I always enjoyed back when I still lived in Austria was the interaction I had with my mail carrier; usually a woman between the age of thirty-five and fifty, they always took the time for a small chat, maybe one, two minutes at most, but nonetheless: that time they invested always made me eager to go out and meet them out the street.

In the Netherlands, the mail carriers I have met so far are straightforward, so much so that they do not even take the time to say anything more than “here’s your mail”, which is a pity, so imagine my surprise when I met two very friendly and outgoing mail carriers here in Brooklyn.

The first one, yesterday, started singing while I went down the stairs and did not feel the need to stop when I was standing right next to him. For one reason or another, African Americans that sing always sound great and that guy truly had an awesome voice.

Today, I met another African American mail carrier and this lady really had a great sense of humor:

Kerim: Sweet, lots of mail for us.
Mail Carrier: Which one is you?
Kerim: Two dash one?
Mail Carrier: Oh son, you ain’t loved, look at that, only four letters today.
Kerim (laughing): Yeah, that’s about the same as yesterday
Mail Carrier: Son, you gotta get famous, ya know?
Kerim: Yeah, maybe…
Mail Carrier: Put your address on the web or sum, get that junkmail, ya know?
Kerim: Yeah, I’m not sure I would want that.
Mail Carrier: well, at least you’d get some more letters!
Kerim: True, true and I’d get to see you more often!
Mail Carrier: damn right, now sign here, cause this package is for you too!
Kerim: See, I’m getting plenty of love!
Mail Carrier: We’ll see, see you tomorrow!
Kerim: Have a good un’!

All in all, two random encounters that made my day just a bit better.

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