Mysterious Flames (Missing Applications from the O2 XDA Flame)

posted in Rants on August 13th, 2007

Let me preface this article by saying that it is not really a rant, more like a big question mark above my head.

When I first researched the XDA Flame, I came across a listing that stated that the device came with a selection of commercial applications, namely:

All in all, three very good applications with a total retail value of $85 and even though O2 probably does not even pay 50% of that value, the applications still add tremendous value to the device.

You can guess how amazed I was when I found out that only one of the three applications was actually included.

Granted, I did not mind much at first, since the application that was included (on a companion CD) was Jeyo’s Mobile Extender, which is the only application I needed anyway because I use different products for the other tasks.

Earlier today I found a way to access the Extended ROM of the XDA Flame and guess what? Two setup files, one for CodeWallet 6 and one for WorldMate 2007, right there, working and licensed.

It really makes me wonder as to what prompted O2 to include the files but not install them automatically. My guess is that 95% of the XDA Flame users have no clue at all on how to get access to the Extended ROM and as such, will never have access to the two missing applications, which would constitute a loss of value of the device.

Strange, strange indeed.

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